About us

THE ALBANIAN CROWD is an interactive platform providing information on the civil society sector organizations and social enterprises in Albania.

The initiative for building this platform is undertaken from Partners Albania for Change and Development, an Albanian NGO established in 2001. Since its creation, Partners Albania has been working to create, publish and continuously update information on the sector of civil society organizations.

Through this interactive platform, civil society organizations will be able to:

• SHARE with the public information on their location, scope of work, areas of activity , beneficiaries, services they offer and projects they are working on;

• INFORM about activities, events and programs attracting audience, volunteers and supporters;

• NETWORK with other organizations part of this platform and beyond;

• PARTICIPATE in online surveys and monitoring related to the enabling environment for the development of the civil society organizations in Albania.

Beside the civil society sector, this platform will serve the institutions and individuals from the public sector, the business community, media etc. who will find in it dynamic and comprehensive information on civil society organizations and their activities.

The project is implemented by Partners Albania, Center for Change and Conflict Management and  is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Tirana.