Call for Proposals:

Partners Albania for Change and Development announces the Call for Proposals, within the project grant scheme “C.A.U.S.E. – Confiscated Assets Used for Social Experimentations”. This project is implemented by Partners Albania, in partnership with two Italian organizations: Project Ahead and Comitato Don Peppe Diana, and funded by the European Union through the Delegation of the European Union in Albania.

The Project “C.A.U.S.E. – Confiscated Assets Used for Social Experimentations” aims to create a good model of sustainable re-use of the confiscated assets to the organized crime through creation of a new cohort of CSOs, capable to manage confiscated assets to organized crime.

The specific objective of this Call for Proposals is: Sustainable reuse of the confiscated assets from the organized crime, through establishment of social enterprises by CSOs.

Who can apply?

All Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that fulfill all the eligibility criteria defined in the Application Guideline and whose object of activity is the social, cultural, and health rehabilitation of persons in need, especially those victims of organized crime, affected or endangered by crime and needed of protection and rehabilitation, including therapeutic centers and organizations, centers of re-training and curing users of narcotic substances, as well as centers of assistance and rehabilitation of the victims of trafficking in human beings. [1,2]

Number of Financed Grants: Through this Call a maximum number of three grants will be awarded: one grant per each confiscated asset by organized crime, subject of this Call for Proposals.

Duration of Grants Implementation: The duration for the implementation of the grant projects through this Call for Proposals is: minimum 12 months and maximum 15 months.

Size of Grant: The total project budget (including own contributions or financial contributions from third parties) for any grant requested under this Call for Proposals must be: minimum EUR 100,000 and maximum EUR 150,000.

Co-funding: Project proposals to be funded through this Call for Proposals must have co-financing by the Applicant at least 5% of the total project budget.

Project proposal language: Project proposals must be prepared and submitted in English language, in accordance with the published application forms.

Number of project proposals submitted: An organization may submit one project proposal as the Applicant and one as Co-applicant.

An organization may not submit more than two applications as Co-applicant.

The implementation of each project proposal must be related with only one specific confiscated asset, subject to this Call for Proposals.

Application procedures: Organizations interested to submit a Project Proposal for this Call must complete and submit the following documents which are available in the Application Package:

Grant Application Form (Annex A in Guidelines for Applicants)
Budget proposal Form (Annex B in Guidelines for Applicants)
Logical Framework Form (Annex C in Guidelines for Applicants)
Legal Entity Form signed and stamped (Annex D in Guidelines for Applicants)
Financial Identification Form signed and stamped by the applicant and the Bank where the transactions are performed. (Annex E in Guidelines for Applicants)
also supporting documents in accordance with the Guidelines for Applicants.

Applications must be submitted by hand-delivery or by mail, within 3rd of November 2017, 17:00, at the address below:

Postal address:

Partnerët Shqipëri për Ndryshim dhe Zhvillim
Rruga: Sulejman Delvina, NR 18, H.8, Ap.12,
Njësia Bashkiake 5, Kodi Postar 1022,
Tiranë, Shqipëri

Applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope by registered mail, private courier service or by hand-delivery (a signed and dated certificate of receipt will be given to the deliverer).

Information and support: For further information read/download Guidelines for Applicants

Questions may be sent by mail within October 14, 2017 to The answers will be published within October 24 in Partners Albania website:

Note: Interested organizations that want to participate in the on-line information sessions must express their interest via mail at within September 11, 2017. Details for participation in the on-line information sessions will be provided by Partners Albania through e-mail to the interested organizations.

Two two-day training sessions on managing the confiscated assets to organized crime will be provided by Italian experts in the second week of October. The trainings will be held in Fier and Tirana.

Note: Interested organizations that want to participate in the training sessions must express their interest via email at within September 20, 2017. Further details and information about the training will be provided by Partners Albania. Interested organizations are invited to visit Partners Albania website: for the latest news and regular updates on the Call for Proposals.

Information on similar projects is available in the report: Analysis of the International Best Practices on the Reuse of the Confiscated Assets by CSOs