Partners Albania announces the national competition Green Ideas 2015!

Through a competitive process, “Green Ideas 2015” competition aims that civil society organizations, social enterprises and small business ventures in country to be involved in identification, selection, prioritization and to support innovative green ideas.

Today, one of the biggest challenges to economic stability is finding new ways to organize and involve local communities to ensure sustainable development by reducing negative impacts on the environment, therefore encouraging a more equitable distribution of benefits. When connections to the land and to its resources are lost, the sense of community solidarity also suffers. The emergence of multinational companies in the marketplace has threatened many businesses, including small farmers and traditional manufacturers, increasing unemployment rates and generating dependency, producing undesirable social, economic, and cultural changes.

In this regard, green ideas from individuals and companies may play a role to motivate, identify and mobilize resources to address strategic issues dealing with the loss of tradition in manufacturing and developing local markets.

Application Criteria

  • It’s a green idea in embryonic phase or in the initial phase of implementation;
  • If the applying entity is not a civil society organization, the entrepreneurship must be a small business venture.
  • The project idea aims the sustainable development of environment through creation of job opportunities and/or higher income;
  • The project idea is in line with the main activity of the entity which applies;
  • The project idea is entirely based on use of local resources;
  • The project idea is based on a detailed business plan and is environment friendly;
  • The project idea mobilizes the work and expertise of local recourses and makes use of their traditional abilities;
  • The project idea has a plan on how to grow the activity;
  • The applying entity must show that has information or has performed an evaluation of local market showing the existing need; knows its competitors` and its idea presents competitive advantages;
  • The project idea will support revitalization of traditional local economies and links among people and community.
  • The applying entities are eligible to receive funding from this competition not more than once in two years.

Who can apply:

Civil society organizations, social enterprises and small business ventures. For all entities that express interest to apply, PA will organize orientation workshops related to the procedures and application process. The orientation workshops calendar and venue will be announced shortly.

Financial terms:

The grant will support green project ideas for no longer than one year and with maximum funding of no more than 800.000 ALL. Co-financing from alternative sources is encouraged.

The required documents:

- A Project proposal in line with all the above mentioned criteria;
- A detailed budged of the project – idea;
- A document that shows the legal status of the applicant (i.e. nonprofit organization or business)

Selection Process

The selection process will be conducted by a jury of experts from economic, environment, business and justice field.

The evaluation process will be conducted in two phases: -The first phase will consist in the selection of the ideas that fulfill the application criteria, selection to be made by Partners Albania. -The second phase will consist in selection of three best ideas by the Jury of experts, as part of an open public competition. This selection will be based in the pre-selection list from the first phase.

Three winning ideas will be automatically part of a regional competition organized by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Partners Albania.

Information on submission deadlines:

The deadline for sending applications is 27 April 2015.

The application can be submitted electronically in, or by mail / hand delivered in our office address: Partners Albania, Center for Change and Conflict Management Street, Rr: ”Sulejman Delvina”, B.18, Ent.8, App.12; Njësia Bashkiake nr 5; PO Box 1022, Tirana

Partners Albania will send a second announcement for the date of the organization of the competition.

Monitoring Process:

All the winners will have a contractual relationship as part of the financing, where will be clearly defined the reporting and other requirements according to indicators set in the project idea.

Format and Language:

The presentation of the project idea needs to be in line with the criteria presented in the call, attached to a detailed budget. The budget should be presented in the form of a business plan where there will be listed all costs requested to be covered by the Green Ideas grant and co-financing if there is any, for no more than one-year.

The language for presenting the project idea is Albanian.