Partners Albania - Consultation meetings with civil society, on the territorial and administrative reform

Partners Albania in framework of the Project in Support of Territorial and Administrative Reform (STAR), supported by the international donor community (UNDP, USAID, Swiss Cooperation Office in Albania, the Swedish Embassy) will organize a series of 12 consultation meetings with representatives of civil society in Lushnja, Fier Ballsh, Vlora, Himara, Saranda, Gjirokastra, Tepelenë Përmet Berat, Kuçove, and Corovoda.

The meetings aim to bring together all representatives of civil society in the discussion on the administrative and territorial reform, and get their thoughts and opinions about the two options proposed by the special parliamentary committee.

Meetings organized by PA so far were in Fieri, Saranda, Lushnja, Ballshi, Vlora, Himara, Berati, Skrapari and Kucova.